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Homeoanimals has created a series of a dozen blog posts covering topics like taking care of a new pet, adoption myths and things to consider before adopting. These blogs are very informational to anyone adopting a new pet, not just one from BASH.

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Following are resources and websites that provide you information on the Siberian Husky breed:

Suggested Reading
(15% of purchase price goes to the Bay Area Siberian Husky Club when purchased through Barnes & Noble is just one of the many participants)

  • Siberian Huskies for Dummies
    Diane Morgan/Paperback/2001

  • Siberian Husky, Able Athlete Able Friend
    Michael Jennings

  • Dog and Determined: The Taz Adventures
    Scott Ski/Paperback/

  • A Celebration of Rare Breeds
    Cathy J. Flamholtz/Hardcover/1986

  • The Perfect Match : A Dog Buyer's Guide
    Chris Walkowicz/Paperback/1996

  • The Complete Dog Book (19th Ed)
    American Kennel Club/Hardcover/1997

  • Of Wolves and Men
    Barry H. Lopez/Paperback/1982

  • Legacy of the Dog : The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to over 200 Breeds
    Tetsu Yamazaki, Toyoharu Kojima/Paperback/1995

  • The Encyclopedia of the Dog
    Bruce Fogle/Hardcover/1995

  • Before You Buy That Puppy
    Barbara J. Wrede/Paperback/1994

  • Choosing a Dog : A Guide to Picking the Perfect Breed
    Nancy Baer, et al/Paperback/1995