BASHR/R Placed Dog

Adoptions include one year membership to BASH 

Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Female
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Grey and White
Foster: Heron Ho
Meet Ellie!!! This 5 year old cutie gives the sweetest of kisses and is the sweetest of all fluff. When it's cool outside, she loves walking on cool summer evenings and she loves the wind in her face on car rides. Ellie is lady of few words, but she speaks her mind when something stirs her soul. You'll need to be patient with Shelly until she finally gains your trust, but once she does, she'll be your most devoted companion and will open up to you. She loves to stay by your side no matter where you are and always stays close to watch over you while you sleep. A torn ligament in her right back leg caused her severe anxiety in the Animal shelter, so we decided to pull her and thanks to the staff at MedVet they were able to perform TPLO surgery so quickly. She's made great progress since then and has learned how to walk, love, & trust again since her surgery. A little time is needed for her to warm up and feel comfortable The new sights, sounds, & friends make her feel more confident in new environments, and her new mobility means she can explore a whole new world of fun. If you are looking for a mellow, affectionate and loyal companion. Ellie is your girl!

She is a spayed Female, 6 years old, Housetrained, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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