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Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 18 months old
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Grey and White
Foster: Heron Ho
Meet our fun, gangly, smarty pants, Saffron! Saffron is an incredibly smart, young neutered teen male husky with stunning blue eyes. He is about 1.5 years old, 50lb and in excellent health. While he did come to us very underweight and with some fur missing, with some love and care he has regained his spunk back and his glossy grey and white coat! He is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and has heartworm, flea, and tick medication.
Saffron is your typical husky who is a happy-go-lucky, Mr. Independent, and loves to run amuck outdoors. While Saffron loves to run around with every kiddo of any age, cats and other small animals are just too much fun for him to leave alone! So NO CATS! But He is great with other dogs, although sometimes he likes certain playmates over others just like people do. Saffron is your typical playful, goofy, clueless teen who sometimes doesn’t understand corrections, so not all playmates prefer to spend their time with him. With proper introductions, he can make great friends!
Due to being so smart, Saffron thrives and depends on daily interaction and different activities to keep his brain and body busy. He loves mental activities, and if you need someone as a running buddy or for outdoor activities, he’s the guy for you! Saffron has been taught leash manners, is crate trained, travels well in a car, a gentleman when it comes to grooming, loves to go for trips to Home Depot, and loves kids of all ages. Because of his spunky teen attitude, he does need structure still. A confident, strong willed handler that understands working dogs and his breed would be the perfect person for him! He does very well with people who can provide crate training, tethering when needed, supervision, and hand feeding for his high drive to please while training since he is so food motivated.
If you’re looking for a spunky, smart young teen who loves to work and go-go-go: Saffron is your buddy to trek and adventure with!

He is a neutered Male, 18 months old, Housetrained, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, good with Children, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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