BASHR/R Placed Dog

Adoptions include one year membership to BASH 

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Age: 10 months old
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Black Tan and White
Dog is at HSSV. this is a courtesy posting.

Personality: Cooper is an active, social, high energy teen looking for an experienced adult home. He is a smart dog willing to work for food and toys. Cooper is very energetic and would make an excellent running or hiking partner. With his energy, he would benefit from plenty of physical and mental exercise along with continued basic training as he likes to keep busy. Cooper has a boisterous personality and can be jumpy and excited when meeting new people so it's good to reward him for calm behavior. He is recommended to go to a family that has experience with working breed traits where he can be given lots of daily outlets and mental enrichment. History: Cooper came to HSSV as a stray. Dog/Cat Skills: Cooper enjoys engaging dogs in play, especially chase, but can be very forward and bossy. He has shown to do better with female dogs who are tolerant of his vocal, rowdy play style. Cooper was recently neutered and has shown willingness to target or bully male dogs. He participates in playgroup daily and enjoys chase and wrestle play to help burn his energy. Cooper has shown hyper focus on cats and willingness to chase them. Adopters should be educated on breed tendencies. Leash Skills: Cooper pulls while walking on a leash. He would benefit from the use of a front clipping harness. Cooper can become easily excited and vocal on leash when he sees dogs. We work on this by calmly redirecting and choosing lower traffic walking routes. Ready to meet Cooper? Fill out the form to request an appointment

He is a neutered Male, 10 months old, Lead Trained, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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