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Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 5 years old
Sex: Male
Eyes: Brown
Coat: Grey and White
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Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas

Personality: Winston is the most affectionate Husky ever! He loves to get as much people attention as possible. In Winston's mind he is just one big fluffy lap dog. Winston walks well on a leash and enjoys going for a stroll. For a middle age boy, Winston is still pretty active and he will need regular walks mixed with some hikes or light jogging.

History: Winston came to us from another shelter.

Dog skills: Winston participates in playgroups at HSSV with other dogs. He does best with female dogs but can be very selective as to which male dogs he wants be have near him. Regular playdates with a playful female dog would be very beneficial to keep up the positive dog encounters.

Cat skills: We have no history on how Winston is around cats however as a Husky he might have some breed tendencies and might chase a cat if presented with opportunity.

Leash Skills: Once comfortable in his environment Winston has shown signs of being reactive towards other dogs when on leash and through a barrier. He is easy to re-direct by calling him away from fence or walking away until other dog is out of sight.

Medical: Winston has been diagnosed with periodontal disease (also known as gum disease or dental disease). This disease is extremely common in dogs and cats, especially as they age. Periodontal disease occurs when bacterial plaque causes inflammation of the gums and eventual destruction of the bone in which the teeth are anchored.
Winston had a dental cleaning recently at HSSV. Dental care is an on-going process that will need to be addressed for the life of the dog. The adopting family is encouraged to discuss continuing dental care for Winston with their family veterinarian or a veterinary dentist.
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He is a neutered Male, 5 years old, Lead Trained, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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