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Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 2 years 5 months old
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Red and White
Foster: Heron Ho
Kona is a Siberian Husky male, approximately 21/2yrs old - big (60lbs) playful, lovable pup.
He's was rescued from San Jose Animal Shelter, where he was brought in as a stray. Kona was neutered while at the shelter & a complete physical exam revealed a heart murmur but otherwise healthy adult male.
A recent check up & evaluation at the vet conclufrf that the heart murmur is mild, no meds recommended & no restrictions on activity. Just be aware of any signs of difficulty breathing after strenuous activity & a follow up ekg is recommended to get a baseline of his condition.
Kona is a love, great w/people & dogs & good on leash. He knows sit, shake, stay & responds to no & off. He will continue to need training on what's allowed & what isn’t. He will need some further crate training - sometimes he’s fine w/it, other times cries & whines. Potty training is still a work in progress, no problems if he can go outside a lot & just before bed. We’ll continue working on this behavior. He was clearly loved, is very affectionate, loves to cuddle & have his tummy scratched.
Kona will bond w/you - loves to be w/my husband & I & also our dog walker.
He’d be good w/an owner that has sometime to spend w/him to bond, although he’s been fine when we leave him for several hours. He likes to play w/dogs at the dog park & would be great w/a dog on the younger side as he likes to play & wrestle. Would do well in a home w/a yard rather than an apartment, comes when called but have not let him off leash in an unfenced area.
We already love Kona, He deserves a furever home that can love & care for him!

He is a neutered Male, 2 years 5 months old, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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