BASHR/R Placed Dog

Adoptions include one year membership to BASH 

Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 8 months old
Sex: Female
Eyes: Brown
Coat: Black and White
This is Willow, she is approximately 8 weeks old. Her adoption fee is $800. This includes shots at our clinic through rabies (she needs two more series of puppy shots and will get rabies at 4 months)
She was surrendered from a family that bought her and then could not keep her. She is a very happy, playful, super smart, healthy puppy. She loves attention and petting from everyone. She has learned to sit for treats and is working on "down".
She has been going to work with me and has been a good office puppy. At the office she plays with her toys, eats, sleeps, and is only a distraction because she is SO cute! She has been using potty pads in the office and at home she has been coached to go outside with my two dogs.
At home she has full run of the house but will be placed in wire crate or exercise pen for rest and sleep. She already loves to dig and like all puppies...everything interesting ends up in her mouth for investigation. She has been responding to “No” when you catch her before something goes into her mouth. She has been responding to her name but like all puppies has no recall but will follow you around the house and garden.
She has had several playdates with an 11 month old Siberian and she is playing and getting along well. She has also been around my two 8 year old dogs and a friend’s dogs ranging from 4-13 years old. She gets along well with them all and has shown respect for her elders!

She is a spayed Female, 8 months old, Crate Trained, good with Children, good with Large Dogs, good with Small Dogs, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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