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Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Grey and White
Tag#: bash 2233
Meet Royal – he is a good-looking young guy and a sweetheart! He still is lively and acts like a puppy, happy, sensitive and playful 3-year-old, with the cutest floppy ears. He was an owner surrender in the San Francisco shelter due to the owner’s home changes.
Royal loves to play with other dogs of his size, I have not had opportunity to test with smaller dogs or cats, but suspect small prey and cats would not be compatible. He quickly warms up to people. He has working hard at tolerating my male Husky who is big into guarding his resources. Royal is gradually winning him over and they now have long session of play He loves being in the house, in spite of being relegated to the outdoors only for the last two years. He enters and sleeps very well all night once lights are dimmed and the surroundings become quiet. He will enter a crate but at this time will not tolerate the door being closed. He knows a few commands – sit, shake, and is leaning wait. He will pay attention to you, wants to please…and loves that treat when he does well. He will learn quickly. He enjoys a little bushing and quite attention. He will lay quietly beside me when I need to spend time on the computer.
Royal is comfortable in the car, jumps right in and enjoys his rides. I took him to the do-it -yourself dog wash the other day and he did well after only a few anxious moments. He smells and looks soooo handsome!
He is a good eater and will attempt to eat my other dog’s food, but my dog guards strongly little chance without major ramifications. Royal most often now stands back and has gotten the message. But given the chance…. Royal walkes VERY well along with my other two Huskies and pulls only moderately on leash. He is easy to harness and get ready for walk and is curious about everything…but stops with what has diverted him and will continue the walk when told to. So some leash training would be good. Royal would probably do best in a home with another friendly dog or even on his own. He really wants his pet-mate’s and your attention and love.
He is new to us so we are still evaluating him.

He is a neutered Male, 3 years old, Housetrained, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations.

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