BASHR/R Placed Dog

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Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 10 months old
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Grey and White
Meet Yeti! Yeti just came into BASH Rescue and is an absolute CU.Tie.PIE.

Yeti is just now 16 weeks old and is very shy and hesitant at first with humans, though very open, friendly and curious with all other dogs. He is recovering from road rash from being hit by a car (and then surrendered to rescue). He's finalizing treatment; running, playing and doing very well.

He’s VERY sweet, mild mannered, crate trained, partially house trained (goes immediately on leash but can’t hold super long yet) loves playing with all other dogs. He has done well with his foster small child humans, but loves his foster mom, dad and one of his foster brother huskies even more. He likes sleeping in a crate alone or with his foster brother.

He’s young and quiet-mannered enough that a cat home could be possible. He’s had no cat reactions on short walks and walks in Petfood Express. He loves face scratches and sitting in your lap, tennis balls and playing "flip it" with stuffed toys. He holds his own with dogs 4x his size playing.

He’s petite at about 25 pounds with small paws if that gives any indication how big he will get (probably 45-55 pounds).

He is a neutered Male, 10 months old, Lead Trained, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped.

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