The Bay Area Siberian Husky Club (BASH) is dedicated to the Siberian Husky Breed and provides a forum where Siberian enthusiasts can work and show their dogs as well as participate in a variety of fun activities. BASH Club members enjoy all kinds of activities with their Huskies. The club organizes instructional meetings, hiking, camping, and winter trips. The club also has a specialty dog show, fun match, and parades to let everyone know that huskies are special.

The club also sponsors a rescue effort to save Siberian Huskies that otherwise may be turned out on the street or face euthanasia in shelters. Founded in 1987, the efforts of those volunteering their time to Siberian Husky rescue in the bay area have been exceptionally successful—finding homes for a high percentage of the Siberians who enter the program.

Fall Furry Flurry was on Oct 7 2018.

The 2018 Fall Furry Flurry is over and we brought in $2800 that will help individual rescues along with the animals at the San Jose Animal Shelter.
As usual, the dog games were very popular with about 70 dogs that participated. We did three rounds of Bobbing for Weiners, 3 rounds of Musical Sits along with Simon Says and Ball Spoon Race.
The Costume contest was one by Coco in her Swan costume. Thank you to all that participated in helping the animals.